Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pendants in green mood

These are the pendants I made in the two weeks in a green mood. Thanks for everybody who publish patterns on the web. I can't string as fast as I would like...

Pendant Gréta - I'm behind of others

I'm behind because I only started stringing a month ago. However as I found the pattern of Greta pendant I must make it. It totally amazed me, it's even more beautiful in reality than it is in the pictures. I mean not only my piece but this pattern in general...

I made earrings now...

I found this pattern on a french site, it's an easily made but fine piece.
I fell in love with it…

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another set in amethyst colour

I got so posessed by the purple colour that I had to make another set with amethyst colour, altough these are amethyst in colour only, they are made from czech and japanese glass beads.
I can't get bored of stringing…

Amethyst set

First I made the bracelet and the earrings with amethysts and beautiful sky blue glittering beads. I had some more material left then I began to string the pendant. This pattern of the pendant is by Tiszi. The earring is by me, of course it is an easy piece, but I am happy with that.

My grape medal

My grape seed pendant is ready now, to make it more grapelike I added a leaf. The pattern is from Nagyné Blahó Zsuzsa,  as usual it is been a little bit by me.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Peyote bracelet in greek mood and one with gold

I made these barcelets as well the beaddesease symptoms are not receding.
The pattern of the on the top is from the net.
The one on the bottom is a own imagination. Keep on stringing...